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Beflor Neo Saga

Heterogeneous PVC Floor Covering Beflor Neo Saga

Usage Areas

It is a high quality heavy traffic resistant flooring material that can be hot welded to the joints and can be applied in all interior spaces such as hospitals, housings, offices, schools, stair coverings, gyms, universities, play grounds, meeting saloons and kindergartens. 


The surface to be applied needs to be thoroughly cleaned, dry and free from dust. With the help of a fine thread trowel, make sure that the specially produced adhesive for PVC touches everywhere.

The drying time of adhesive depends on the temperature of the environment you are in. Check with your finger, if the gumming process has begun, you can start the process of laying the material.

Drying time of adhesive is 30 minutes on general Cut the material according to size of the room, wrap it in a roll and start the laying it.


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