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Gerflor Taraflex® Comfort

Sports PVC Floor Covering Gerflor Taraflex® Comfort


It is in the P3 category and offers optimum comfort and safety. It is a multi-purpose vinyl sport coating with multilayer surface consisting of a PVC layer on the top, double glass fiber mesh, a double density CXPHD closed-cell foam backing and Polyolefin Foam on the bottom.


Usage Areas

The first sport flooring in the P3 category is Taraflex Sports and thanks to technology and innovations, it is suitable for all users, all sports and all levels with optimal comfort and safety.

Product Structure

Omnisports Excel (8.3 mm) Spor Saha Pvc Zemin Kaplama

1. 3 Single Protescol
2. D-Max
4. Foam Polyolefin
5. Sanosol Protection Cure




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