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Gerflor Taraflex® Performance

Sports PVC Floor Covering Gerflor Taraflex® Performance


Taraflex® Performance, D-Max ™ and D-Max + ™ is a multi-purpose vinyl sport coating with multilayer surface consisting of a PVC layer on the top, double glass fiber mesh, a double density CXPHD closed-cell foam backing.

Areas of Usage

Sport Floorings – Multi-Sport Products

● Taraflex Sports is the first sport floor covering in the P3 category

● Optimal comfort and safety thanks to technology and innovations

● Suitable for all users, sports and levels

● Wide and fashionable color range

Product Structure

Spor Saha Pvc Zemin Kaplama Taraflex

1. 3 Single Protescol

2. D-Max


4. Sanosol Protection Cure




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