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Tarkett Omnisports Excel (8.3 mm)

Sports PVC Floor Covering – Tarkett Omnisports Excel (8.3 mm)


Omnisports Excel (8.3 mm) is a vinyl sports floor that provides optimum comfort and performance and complies with P1 in accordance with the EN 14904 standard. It is approved by major sports federations and it is an ideal choice for high- performance multi-purpose sports activities’ fields (especially handball, basketball and volleyball) in secondary, high school and municipal gyms.

It has been treated with our trademark Top Clean XP surface protection for extra durability and cost-effective maintenance. Application options include the sustainable GreenLay® free flooring method.

Main Features

● High performance in multi-purpose sports facilities
● Player protection (P1 compliance, EN 14904)
● Cost-effective maintenance
● Contributes to indoor air quality

Technical and Environmental Features

● Product type: Heterogeneous poly flooring (vinyl chloride) –ISO 10582
● Commercial classification: 34- Very Heavy
● Industrial classification: 43- Heavy
● Surface protection: Top Clean

Product Structure


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