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Textured Epoxy Floor Coating

Textured Epoxy Floor Coating

The surface is more useful as it is non-slip in wet environments and manufacturing sector where the workplace safety is priority. It is also reliable system during loading and unloading since the surface is non-slip on truck loading ramps. It is a preferred coating type on factory areas, parking lots, warehouses and manufacturing sector.

It is epoxy coating that proper for heavy flow with epoxy based, double component, textured form. It has strong scratch, abrasion, fouling and slip resistance. Surface texture can be adjusted according to surface and purpose to be used. Epoxy Textured Coating allows to formation of orange peel or another texture finish depending on matter of application.

It ramps up the mechanic and chemical resistance of the applied surface and creates easy to clean coat. It’s usage is suitable for many places such as hygienic floors, wet environments, industrial and social areas.

Advantages of Textured Epoxy Coating

  • Provides single and monolithic display
  • Increases chemical resistance
  • Increases mechanical resistance
  • Strong abrasion resistance
  • Creates hygienic environment
  • Easy to clean Long lasting coating
  • Compatible with heavy traffic conditions
  • Resistance against mechanical loads, abrasion and chemicals


Application Instructions

Surface Quality: Application surface must be dry and free of all kinds of dust, dirt, loose particles, remains of cement slurry, oil and grease. Concrete base must be clean and sturdy, and has enough pressure resistance strength (at least 25 N/mm²) and tensile
pull-off resistance at least 1.5 N/mm² Surface Preparation: Application surface must be cleaned with proper methods in order to ensure the most adhesive strength.


Textured Epoxy Coating Usage Areas

  • Concrete and cement based mineral surfaces
  • Storage and assembly areas
  • On surfaces exposed to medium and heavy loads such as production areas, workshops, aircraft hangars, automotive industry and loading ramps
  • Laboratories, hospitals, sterilized rooms, industrial kitchens, wet operation areas in food, chemistry and drug industry
  • Control rooms, thermal and hydroelectric plants
  • Fairgrounds, shopping centers
  • Parking lots
  • Factory areas
  • Production facilities


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