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Baumit Basecoat

Çağrı Zemin

Baumit Astar


It is a thin epoxy and solvent based clear protective coating material in the form of a strength increasing lacquer that targeted for concrete, screed and mosaic surfaces.


It used as protective coating over the surface hardener on the every outdoor and indoor places such as concrete, screed, mosaic and tile mosaic.

Baumit Basecoat

Special Features

  • Dust free
  • Double component, easy to use
  • Penetrates concrete deeply
  • Increases the resistance against abrasion and impacts
  • Increases the concrete’s resistance against chemical effects


It varies depending on the absorbency of the surface. It is used on solid floors that are not absorbent, in a single layer with a yield of 200gr / m2 and it is used on It is used on permeable and weak surfaces in multiple layers with a yield of 300-400 g / m2.


In a double component set; A- 10 liter plastic jerry can B- 10 liter plastic jerry can 20 liter in total.


A year in original packaging in a cool, dry and sheltered environment

Baumit Basecoat


The surface must be clean, dry and free from all dirt. All loose particles should be removed from the surface and mechanical wiping should be done.  ONKAPOX PAINT PRIMER clear polish is applied on entire surface in one or two layers.


During the application process work clothes, protective goggles, mask and gloves suitable for work and worker health must be used. Especially because hardener components are irritating, eye and skin contact with product must be avoided and precautions must be taken. In the case of contact it must be cleaned with water and soap and do not clean it with solvent. In the case of swallow doctor must be consulted, immediately.


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