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Epoxy Aggregate Natural Stone Flooring

Çağrı Zemin

Epoxy Aggregate Natural Stone Flooring

Areas of Usage

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor floors. It is suitable for use on carrier substrates typically encountered like concrete. Such as; parking lots, walking trails, bike lanes, roads, public parks, office buildings, schools, disabled access ramps, landscape designs, around swimming pools, roof terraces and balconies. It is also suitable for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic roads.

Swimming Pools and Surroundings

Natural Stone Flooring Systems It is natural stone coating system with water permeability and has more extensive features compared to standard ceramic coating around swimming pools. After aquatic sports, it absorbs the dripping water to the ground and eliminates the risk of slipping and puddles

Epoksi Agrega Doğal Taş Zemin Döşeme
  • It has a durable binder structure up to 50 + 100 ° C
  • Creates water permeable surface
  • Environment friendly and does not pose any threat to human health
  • Does not limit the grass growth
  • Solvent and scent free
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • There is no color change because of ultraviolet rays
  • It is a resin binder that solidifies with moisture in the air

Çağrı Flooring

Advantages of Aggregate Natural Stone

It is the most used flooring in many areas and places regardless of indoor or outdoor. One of the most frequent questions in our day by day changing and developing world is to search and find the right company to have it made the flooring.

It has open-ended pattern and color compared to decorative natural aggregate stone marble flooring and other floor coatings, it provides great advantage for those who want to have a special design.

Çağrı Flooring

Is it Healthy?

It is an antibacterial, hygienic and healthy flooring material. When we examine the formation of granite natural stone we see that granite is a magmatic depth mass that consisting of hard crystallized minerals with a granular appearance.

Granite forms its form in liquid magma during the development process, however, unlike lava it does not outcrop the surface. Result of the slow cooling it gets opportunity to develop. With the lack of atmospheric effects granite is a dense and poreless stone.

Granite, with abrasion, impact and pressure resistance, can keep indoors in stable climate and has beautiful colored structure and also accepts polish. Since it takes its shine from the quartz inside, there is no need to gloss the granite and you can easily maintain it by applying polish from time to time. Regular detergents are sufficient enough for granite cleaning; you do not need much time to clean it. Natural stones widely preferred because they are both healthy and requires less maintenance among other decoration materials.

Washing the outdoor stones and taking the dust off the indoor stones is enough for maintenance, it is the only thing you need to do for maintenance. Considering of all these features stone floors, which are marble floor coating and granite floor coating, are the most affordable architectural decoration coating and flooring material compared to other materials’ costs.


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