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Baumit Leveling Screed

Çağrı Flooring

Baumit Nivello Quattro

Baumit Nivello Quattro Tesviye Şapı kendinden yayılan

It is a C20-F6 class calcium sulfate based with polymer additives factory mixed self leveling floor screed that can be applied by hand or machine. It is a high performance product that smoothes the floor defects, can pumped in liquid form and spreads perfectly.

It has low surface tension and does not cause cracks and fractures.  It can be used in all structures and indoor places.

● Zero crack

● Suitable for old floor renovation

● Suitable for underfloor heating


25 kg bag



1.5kg/ m²/mm

Grain Size

=0.6 mm


1 palette = 60 bags = 1.500 kg

Çağrı Flooring

E 225

E225 Baumit Tesviye Şapı

It is a C20-Ff class cement based factory mixed ready floor screed that can be applied by hand or machine.

It can be used in all structures, outdoor and indoor places.


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