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Self-leveling Epoxy Coating

Self Levelling Epoksi Kaplama

Product Features

The product can be used in any indoor spaces because it has self-leveling feature, high strength and its glossy appearance.

Self-leveling Epoxy coating can be applied from 2mm to 6mm thickness depending on the area will be used. It is solvent free and with double-component. It is produced in variety of RAL colors.


Product Description

Double component Epoxy based glossy floor coating material. Features It has strong chemical and mechanical resistance and creates a hard film.

There is no fire hazard since it is solvent free. Film surface is glossy and non-slip. Easy to clean, does not contain bacteria in itself, dust free and no harm to health.





Application and Features

After mixing the main material, add hardener and quartz material and mix for 2-3 minutes until it becomes homogeneous.

It is ready to apply after resting the mixture for 15 minutes. No more material should be mixed than the material that can be applied during the pot life. Proper saw and trowel for coating thickness must be selected before starting the application. Air bubbles trapped in the coating should be removed using a spiked roller.

Usage Areas and Advantages

• Does not contain bacteria in itself
• Does not hold dust and dirt
• Hospitals, food and drug industry
• Thickness varies from 2mm to 6mm
• Full glossy surface is achievable
• Antibacterial
• Strong surface hold
• Strong chemical and pressure resistance
• Colored, flawless and aesthetic look
• Waterproof

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