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Paint Prımer Epoxy Prımer

Çağrı Flooring

Paint Primer Epoxy Primer


Epoxy and solvent based, clear varnish, protective and strengthening thin coating material prepared for concrete, alum and mosaic surfaces.

USE It can be used as a protective finish on both indoor and outdoor concrete, alum, mosaic, tile surfaces over surface hardeners. It creates easy-to-clean, glossy surfaces that are resistant to dusting, chemical and mechanical impacts.

Çağrı Flooring


Resistant to dusting, does not collect dust Two-component, easy use Penetrates concrete Increases strength against corrosion and impacts Increases strength of concrete against chemical impacts.


Depends on the surface absorbing capacity. One coat efficiency of the product is 200 g/m2 on non-absorbent, strong surfaces. For permeable and poor surfaces, the efficiency is 300-400 g/m2 with multiple coats.


In 2-component set: A 10 LT. plastic jerry can B 10 LT. plastic jerry can, total of 20 LT.


1 year in a cool, dry and protected environment, in its original packaging


Surface must be clean, dry and free of dust and dirt. All loose particles must be removed from the surface and the surface must be mechanically wiped. 1 or 2 coats of clear ONKAPOX PAINT PRIMER must be applied on the whole surface.


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