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PANDOMO® Floor Coating

Çağrı Flooring

PANDOMO® Floor Coating

PANDOMO® Floor Covering fully meets the space need for modernity, privilege and durability. Cement based contemporary industrial look creates quality and stylish spaces not only in public spaces, but also in homes increasingly.

PANDOMO ® floor coating has many looks. Floors come to life and spaces regain a new look with color and shade ripples, shadows and similar techniques applied according to personal tastes.

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Pandomo Zemin Kaplama
Pandomo Zemin Kaplama

PANDOMO ® Floor Covering provides maximum durability with minimum effort. It provides the flexibility of a high-quality parquet or natural stone, even with a small thickness of 5 mm.

Çağrı Flooring


Pandomo Floor Covering is extremely durable and with its contemporary appearance it is suitable for most residential environments and shows high structural flexibility, flexibility, toughness and good noise reduction qualities.

Pandomo Floor Covering is UV resistant (non-yellowing), easy to maintain, clean and waterproof.

Our flooring has excellent hygienic properties with an option of sliding potential and can be renewed to meet the demands of a wide variety of environments throughout the product life, offering a perfect underfoot feel.


It adds value to your business ...

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