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Epoxy Floor Coating (Epoxy Dying)

Epoxy Floor Coating (Epoxy Dying)

Epoxy Coating is an easy to use, dust-free floor coating. It has minimum mechanic and chemical resistance. Epoxy coating is a floor coating system that makes bright, dense and smooth or textured surfaces on new concrete floors and slightly worn, damaged concrete floor surfaces.

Epoxy Coating with variety of color options can be used in all industrial flooring, pharmaceutical factories, chemical factories, hospitals, electricity factories, textile factories, plastic producing factories, automotive industry and all warehouses.

Epoxy Coating is a kind of economic epoxy that mostly medium weight loads carried. It is easy and fast to use. Forklifts and pallets truck can be driven on coating however, may not be efficient in the long run. It can be applied on constantly wet and oily floors, usually preferred at industrial areas, auto-services and short-termed warehouses. It is easy to clean, fast to apply and it creates aesthetic beautiful appearance.

It provides a hygienic environment and it is dust and dirt free. It does not let oil and dirt to penetrate into concrete, it is easy to clean. Its impact and chemical resistance is normal.

Epoxy Coating applied on abraded and dimpled old surfaces and new surfaces just like other epoxy applications. Because it is not a very thick application its texture would varies depending on floor type. It is an affordable application, it costs less comparing to multi-layer and self leveling epoxy coatings because it has less material consumption. Hence, it is mostly preferred by businesses that are short-termed and leaseholder in private facilities and warehouses and do not own property. It applies fast and short amount of time, at least 24 hours needed after last coat.


Coating Epoxy Usage Areas

Epoxy Coating can be applied on all kinds of industrial floors, especially in areas where light load and material flow is less frequent. Epoxy Floor Coating, can be used in all industrial floor coverings. However, it especially preferred at warehouses. It can be in any color especially, shades of gray preferred.


• It is a thinner application
• It is mostly preferred in the grounds with pedestrian traffic rather than forklift and pallet trucks
• Texture ratio determined by existing ground’s type rather than demand
• Water resistant
• It has lesser impact, chemical and abrasion resistance
• Easy to clean
• Thickness changes between 0,3-1 mm
• Mostly preferred by leaseholders rather than landholders
• Belongs to the thin thickness category
• Applies on grounds with pedestrian traffic
• Semi-textured surface achieved
• Full-textured surface achieved

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