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Micro Concrete Floor Coating

Micro Concrete Floor Coating

Micro Concrete used for applications on both residential and commercial purposes. Micro Concrete used for applications on both residential and commercial purposes. It is durable and can be easily used internally and externally on surfaces. It is water resistant therefore it is an ideal coating option for kitchens and bathrooms.

Micro concrete is a versatile product with variety of texture, shade and colors. It’s decorative and elegant look is enough to attract you. With its creation of nostalgia it is perfect option for those who wants to create aesthetic look for their living space.

As a result, Micro Concrete is a great option for those who want to offer unique design elements and gives their applications a contemporary look.


Micro Concrete Areas of Usage

It can be used in areas such as stores, offices, showrooms, gyms, factory grounds, housings and so on. Advantages of Micro Concrete; saves time and applies fast. As an architectural solution product, it provides very fast and on-site manufacturing in projects and application areas. It is durable and long lasting decorative floor coating with modern look.

Surface Preparation:

It must be ensured that the surface to be coated before application is hard and firm and free of soft and loose particles.

All dust and dirt must be cleaned from surface. Cement grout or old coatings should be removed mechanically.

It may be necessary to clean oil or grease stained concrete by burning with blowtorch and/or applying a special grease cleaner.

Application Thickness

  • It depends on deformation of surface to be coated.
  • Application may be done from 5 mm to 40 mm.
  • Dry material consumption for 1 mm thickness is 1,65 kg/m².

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