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Quartz Sand Flooring

Çağrı Flooring

Quartz Sand

Our Quartz Sand Flooring is a hard,abrasion-resistant and chemical insert material mixed with epoxy. Its high density and hardness is why it is an ideal flooring application.

Our product is used in areas for residential to commercial and industrial. Do to it strengh it can definitly take a pounding. The quartz flooring application is a double broadcast system which implements the use of epoxies and urethane,in cojunction with quartz sand. The system yields a finish thickness of approximately 1/8 thickness.


Silica Scraper Sand 0-5 1-5-mm


Silica Filter Gravels 1-3-mm


Silica-Casting Sand 60-70-AFS

0.1 MM fay-kum-225x300

0.1 MM Fay Kum


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