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Gerfloor Mipolam Accord EL7

Conductive ESD PVC Floor Covering – Gerflor Mipolam Accord EL7

MIPOLAM ACCORD EL7 is a polished compressed, flexible and homogeneous vinyl flooring that is available in both tile and plate formats.

MIPOLAM ACCORD EL7 is processed with Evercare™; it is the latest system that is a polyurethane surface treatment obtained by UV laser cross linking.

Evercare™ prevents chemical stains used in the health sector such as betadine, eosin or antibacterial hand sanitizers and improves the resistance of the flooring.

Commercial Floor Coverings – ESD

Permanent Dissipative Covering=>10^6 < R < 10^9

Mipolam Accord design with 6 semi-directions

TVOC value 28 days after production < 10µg/m3 => inner air quality


About the Product

Technical Details

● Permanent energy consuming flooring:

● 6 semi-directional design palate coordinated to Mipolam Accord series

● TVOC value 28 days after production < 10µg/m3: inner air quality

● Exclusive and patented

Evercare Surface treatment: easy maintenance, lifelong beeswax and strong stain resistance

Product Structure

1. Homogeneous Layer

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