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Gerfloor Mipolam Atlas

Homogeneous PVC Floor Coating; Gerflor, Mipolam Atlas

Homogeneous material is produced in rolls in accordance with the EN ISO 10581 standards. It combines aesthetic, vividness and color depth, making it an excellent flooring option.

It provides easy design with a wide range of color alternatives. In quality classification it is in Group T, which is the highest rank. It has a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), which is chemicals that can harm the environment and human health, emission certificate. It is an antistatic and antibacterial product.

It has a wide range of usage areas. Because it is long-lasting and convenient, it is preferred in commercial areas, schools, public institutions and stores. In addition, in the places where hygiene is the top priority such as hospitals, polyclinics, pharmaceutical factories and food industry.



About the Product

Product Description

Mipolam Atlas is multi-purpose, flexible and homogeneous vinyl flooring with non-directional pattern. Thanks to its pressed and hard structure, which has the same design throughout its entire thickness, it is resistant to heavy traffic.

Easycare protection cure provides excellent cleansing and easy maintenance advantage to the product. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, Mipolam Atlas does not allow the formation of bacteria and fungus.



High performance homogeneous flooring, available in plate format, suitable for heavy duty traffic

● Group T => strong abrasion resistance

● Unique and patented Easycare  ™   floor treatment => easy to maintenance, life- long beeswax and strong stain resistance

● 16 non-directional color palette for freedom of design

● Matte modern surface

● TVOC after 28 days <10 ug / m  3  => inner air quality

Product Structure

1. Easycare surface treatment

2. Single layer homogeneous flooring

Homojen PVC Zemin Kaplama- Gerfloor, Mipolam Atlas

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