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Gerflor Mipolam Robust EL7

Conductive ESD PVC Floor Covering – Gerflor Mipolam Robust EL7

Mipolam Robust EL7 linoleum is a floor covering that distributes flow and mimics the surface of a stone. It is available in rolls as well as tiles.

Flooring is perfect for sensitive equipment used rooms.

The variability of the release form allows Mipolam Robust EL7 linoleum to be laid in projects of different layouts and sizes.

In addition, it can be used in other facilities with strict hygiene needs such as hospitals and kindergartens.


About The Product

Technical Details

● Commercial Floor Coverings – ESD
● Permanent Dissipative Covering=>10^6 < R < 10^9
● Roll and tile design with 9 direction
● TVOC value 28 days after production < 10µg/m3 => inner air quality

Product Structure

1. Homogeneous Layer

Mipolam Robust EL7 Kondaktif / İletkenli / ESD PVC Zemin Kaplama - Gerfloor

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