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İrona Series

Ado Floor Grit Collection İrona Series

It is preferred in the common areas where the fast pace of everyday life is felt and the modern living spaces and aesthetics are combined.


Thanks to its resistant structure, you can use it safely.
It is the most durable floor material against water and moisture.
Surface corrosion is at the lowest level.
Resistant to heavy pedestrian traffic..



Water and moisture resistant

It provides maximum durability against water and moisture in the communal areas with its layered structure on all wet and dry floors in common places.

Unique silence with LVT

GRIT has the perfect functional solution for ensuring serenity in schools, hospitals, laboratories where there is a high degree of human traffic.

Antibacterial property

With its anti-bacterial and long-lasting structure, ADOFLoor products create maximum hygiene and cleaning environment in the public areas.

Compatible with underfloor heating

GRIT series, which is produced with high technology, offers application models compatible with underfloor heating in public spaces with its controllable thermal transmittance feature.

Fire resistant

Thanks to the high-tech components used in the GRIT series, high resistance to combustion at different temperatures is ensured.

Intensive pedestrian traffic

It offers durable and aesthetic solutions for abrasion and strain due to heavy pressure and traffic in common areas

Usage Areas

okul-grit örneği

‣ Schools and Hotels
‣ Offices, Work Places
‣ Waiting Rooms
Quiet, safe and modern in the common public places. We lay the foundations of the future in flooring with our innovative take on aesthetics.

Zemin Uygulamaları

‣ Airport & Terminal
‣ Shopping Centers & Food courts
‣ Stores and Restaurants
We offer a whole new vision to the common areas with our products that are extremely durable and offer high resistance against burning and scratches.

konferans salonu kaplama örneği

‣ Conference Hall
‣ Administration Buildings
‣ Cinema, Opera, Theater
With its high sound insulation feature and comfortable structure, the GRIT series offers you a complete comfort in all areas and all that is left is for you is to enjoy the moment.

fuar grit örneği

‣ Fairgrounds
‣ Social facilities
‣ Gallery Halls
We are at your disposal with our high-tech series to ensure that you have a pleasant and comfortable experience.

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