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Taralay Premium Compact – Gerfloor

Taralay Premium Compact – Gerfloor

TARALAY PREMIUM COMPACT is a multilayered calendered and pressed Vinyl fl oorcovering available in 2m wide sheet (Group T wear rating).

The product comprises a ≥1mm thick, pure Vinyl, wearlayer incorporating very densely pressed coloured chips, and a compact backing which is calendered, pressed, and reinforced with a glass fi bre grid, yelding a 6dB sound insulation rating.

TARALAY PREMIUM COMPACT’s calendered wearlayer is treated with Protecsol®, a UV cured anti-glazing surface treatment with a minimum 25µm thickness to facilitate easy maintenance and permanently eliminates the need for acrylic emulsion (metallisation). The product is antistatic (AS class 1) and incorporates Sanosol®, a fungistatic and bacteriostatic treatment.

Product Structure

Taralay Premium Compact Heterojen Pvc Zemin Kaplama

1 Protecsol® treatment

2 Thick wearlayer with very densely pressed coloured chips

3 Glass fibre grid

4 Compact layer

5 Sanosol® treatment










Maintenance should be carried out regularly to retain the appearance and durability of the fl oor. The fl oorcovering should be maintained with regular sweeping and damp mopping using a neutral cleanser, or machine scrubbing with an appropriate pad.

Further maintenance instructions are available upon request.

Rubber leaves indelible stains on vinyl fl ooring: do not use mats with rubber backing and replace tubular furniture feet with those made of Vinyl or polyamide

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